Benefits of E-GREEN Services

Less Noise

E-Green Services equipment’s minimum sound @ 75 db, the same as a vacuum cleaner compared to 110 db for typical lawn equipment which is similar to a chainsaw. At 109 db someone can incur hearing loss in about 2 minutes! 

This means that you experience a safe sound level that you and your family are being exposed to vs the conventional mower. Other benefits of a lower db equipment is less disturbance and fewer distractions.

Less noise also benefits E-GREEN Services team members by providing a safer alternative for the hearing of the operator and ability to be more alert as their hearing is not completely consumed by the equipment.


This is an equal two-fold benefit as the equipment does not require any maintenance except charging and air pressure to the tires, you can be sure that our equipment will be as reliable as E-Green Services. If any problems arise with the cutting blades or motors we keep spares on the truck which can be changed within 15 minutes.

Better reliability benefits E-GREEN Services as less down time equals less rescheduling due to equipment failure

Zero Emissions

Zero emissions is one of the major benefits of E-GREEN Services. We use solar power to charge our equipment and it is supplemented by electrical charging. This creates a safe environment for you and your family/business. No smelly fumes from Diesel, 4-stroke gas or 2-stroke mixed gas. Using just one of our mowers is like taking 140 cars off the road per year.

This is safer for the operator as they are not inhaling the toxins from the equipment. Edmunds conducted a test where they compared a 2 stroke leaf blower to a Ford Raptor with a 6.2 l gas engine, running both at idle for 8.5 minutes. The results showed the leaf blower emitted 4x the CO2 as the Raptor and non methane hydrocarbons were 65x more!

Locally Owned & Operated

Ultimately we are a local company serving our customers by means of an environmentally friendly lawn care company.

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