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Zero Emissions Means Caring For Our Community

electric means...


30-40% Less Noise Is Better for Your Sanity


NO Pollutants Added to Your Lawn


For Your Family, Pets, and the Community

What Is the Cost Not to Do Business With Us?

Offering quality, reliable service utilizing the latest in lawn care technology.
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Offering FREE Spring clean up with season lawn care!

We are proud to serve the Grand Rapids and the surrounding area with our Zero Emissions Lawn Care Company using all battery-powered equipment.

“Zero Emissions means Caring for Our Community”

This is our slogan because we strive to keep our neighbors, environment and employees safe by using all Zero Emissions battery powered lawn care equipment. 

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"Josh is amazing! I'm so happy that I can keep working while my lawn is being mowed - it's so quiet!"


“I have been extremely happy with E-Green Services for a variety of reasons! The team is always prompt and polite, has great communication and goes above and beyond to answer any of my questions or make recommendations. A specific reason I chose to go with E-Green was because of their commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Not only do I love that this is beneficial for our environment, but it has personally been a great experience because I work from home and the noise is much less while they are here. E-Green has done a great job and I plan to continue using them for many years! Thank you, Michelle”

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