About E-GREEN Services

Hello, I am Joshua Gerber, the founder of E-Green Services located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. This is a new way to keep lawn care “Green” as a sustainable business as a Zero Emissions Lawn Care Company. Our mission is “Caring for Our Community Through Zero Emissions.” 

We operate using all battery-powered equipment, which is charged by solar and electric in order to reduce the carbon footprint, lower dB ratings by almost 30 dB protecting the workers and consumer, with an effort to challenge others to do the same.

This journey began with my son, Jaden (13), who runs a small lawn care company. I would offer my expertise and driving ability, when one cool, fall day we were doing leaf clean up. His back blower was new, but it still seemed to burn a lot of fossil fuels. It was such a nice day out, except for the exhaust the blower was emitting and the fact it was so incredibly loud! 

So I began to do research and found many of the products he was using can be changed for those that run on electric and solar power (mowers, blowers, weed whips, etc). 

E-Green Services is about keeping things green by using all electric and solar powered equipment, which aligns with our why, which is “Caring for Our Community”. This has so many positive impacts on our employees, through lowering noise pollution, using safer equipment, and emitting zero emissions.

I look forward to using my expertise of lawn care along with zero emissions to create a safer place for all of us.

 — Joshua Gerber, Founder of E-Green Services

josh gerber of egreen services in grand rapids mi

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